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HTML 5 Tutorials - Welcome

HTML 5 has caught on as the de facto standard for web information. Most browsers are working on standards comliance and most Web Developers are scrambling to become up to date with HTML 5 familiarity. While XHTML was fun while it lasted, it was a bit too cutting-edge and the changes it put forward were too dramatic.

Since this site isn't really a site that will go much into the history of any technology covered, we will focus mainly on learning the technology. And so, let us move into presenting the material without any further unnecessary chatter. One thing I noticed in my years of trying to learn a certain technology was how people went on and on about background information that should by now be unnecessary, since their is an interest to learn a given thing then it only stands to reason that interest in that thing stemmed from research or a basic knowledge. So a History lesson is not forthcoming here, check Wikipedia for that

We aim to take a sytematic step in teaching you the basics of HTML 5 and CSS without the bells and whistles and the useless stuff than you won't really need. What we plan to do is take you from not knowing anything whatsoever about the language to being able to create killer websites much like this. All you will need is a computer (duh!), ideally one with some flavour of Linux, we love open source but Windows and Mac systems are just as good.

We will be using text editors and a browser, pretty much all you need for now, so all the folks who like to use those fancy editors to create webpages, this may be a bit daunting at first but once you have gotten over that then you will see how much better it is to design websites using a text editor. The text editor I will be using is Geany a really great text editor with all the functionality we will need to carry out all the tutorials on this site. Not sure if is available on the Mac but there are great plain text editors available for that. If you do not fancy Geany, then there is Notepad++ (my favourite Windows text editor) and Notepad 2.

Beginner HTML 5 Tutorials

The Basics of Web Design

HTML 5 Basics

CSS 3 Basics

Intermediate HTML 5 Tutorials

Creating a Theme in GIMP

Slicing a GIMP Theme to HTML 5 and CSS

Advanced HTML 5 Tutorials

Creating a Theme in GIMP

Slicing a GIMP Theme to HTML 5 and CSS


Dev Central is a site that aims to expose all the current practices in Web and Software Development. We try to cater for the beginning programmer, so you won't really see anything too advanced on our site. Have a look around and see what appeals to you. read more »

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